Do the windy thing!
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I'm Kaden and I am 16, This is a 99.95% homestuck blog so if your into that sort of stuff welcome! If not welcome anyway~!
They/them pronouns please


im not chainging my url for halloween because it already implies im homestuck trash which is the scariest shit i know

good news everybody!!


good news: homestuck is updating soon

bad news: homestuck is updating soon

What if [2]


Well, I guess, this part’s less funny than the first. There аre only 8 trolls because I had problems with Horuss’s goggles and Mituna’s helmet. I’ll be very surprised if I know this picture has success.image


when homestuck updates im going to be so over whelmed by the realization that update art is an unspoken race revamped with a year’s hunger and i’ll get really stressed out and probably go MIA from tumblr for a while this is my process dont fight it.